Our approach is different. We make handmade, customized workwear as a local tailoring company that doesn’t follow seasonal trends. 

Our Swedish designer started by making garments for her friends, and those items became an essential part of their wardrobes. All garments are unisex. 

The circle of friends grew, and SETTS was born, led by the personal, human and honest backbone we started with.


Inspired by workwear of the past, when durability was matched with style. Each fabric is always selected by hand, stitched with care and customized here in Holland.

Our fabrics come from leftover stock or deadstock, which would otherwise go to waste. These are beautiful handpicked fabrics from different mills all around the world. These fabrics have been made with a care and purpose that we share.

Last a lifetime

We aim to slowly build a wardrobe of products that will be practical and in harmony with you. We aim to make clothing that will endure all temporary trends. We hope that our garments will be lived in and become companions on all of your adventures.

Because we intend that you wear your new favourite jacket often, we offer a life-long repair service on all our garments.

Crafted for a lifetime

Our clothing is handmade at our home workshop. Every roll of fabric down to every press-button is handled personally by our designer. Whether a custom order or the standard jacket, the end result clearly show attention to detail.

This level of personal touch is simply not possible with larger scaled production methods.

At SETTS, we have heard it over and over again from clients:

 - "I live in this jacket".